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Transervice Limousine welcomes you to the world of elegance and power with the rental of the Mercedes GLS AMG, an authentic combination of luxury and performance. Our rental proposal offers you the opportunity to enjoy a unique driving experience aboard this world-class SUV, with the convenience of 7 seater and a spacious luggage compartment, designed to meet the demands of travelling in style and comfort.

Whether you are planning a family trip, a holiday with friends, or a business trip, the Mercedes GLS AMG is ready to meet your every need, with the possibility of accommodating up to 7 passengers Renting this vehicle offers you not only the opportunity to drive an automotive icon, but also to do so with the flexibility and comfort of a spacious, high-performance SUV.


Mercedes GLS AMG in detail

What offers you

The Mercedes GLS is designed to offer an exceptional driving experience, combining the elegance and comfort of a luxury car with the versatility and performance of an SUV. The exterior design reflects the distinctive Mercedes brand aesthetics, characterised by a horizontally sweeping radiator grille, sophisticated full-LED headlamps and curvaceous lines that provide a dynamic and imposing appearance.

Inside, the GLS offers a luxurious living space with fine materials and refined details. Advanced technology is at the heart of the driving experience, with a state-of-the-art infotainment system, intelligent voice commands and a wide range of driver assistance features to enhance safety and comfort.

Hiring the Mercedes GLS AMG is not just a journey, but a sporting experience in itself. The aesthetic details, such as special alloy wheels, sporty bumpers and carefully finished interior, capture the essence of dynamism, offering an irresistible mix of luxury and performance.

Whether you’re taking to the city streets or venturing onto more winding roads, the GLS AMG is ready to respond with exceptional handling and responsive acceleration. The sound of the AMG engine will accompany you on your journey, providing a unique sound experience that enhances the sporty soul of this extraordinary car.

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Mercedes GLS

Rental Mercedes GLS

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In a nutshell, the Mercedes GLS represents excellence in the luxury SUV segment, combining comfort, advanced technology and premium performance in a package that reflects Mercedes-Benz’s distinctive approach to automotive luxury.

Rely on us, our 20 years of experience in the automotive world, and you can drive this luxury sedan with our Mercedes GLS rental, which we offer with everything you could wish for.

We will deliver your car to any destination of your choice, and you can drop it off wherever you want at any time, without having to worry about a thing. You will appreciate the space, standard equipment and optional extras of our car during your rental. All you have to do is contact us to get your customised quote according to your needs.

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