Private travel security


Travel has become more complicated because of Covid. And we think it will be in the future, too. That’s why it’s good to get organized and choose the best way to travel, because now we’re talking about 360-degree security. We at Transervice Limousine have always tried to be the best in all the services we provide to our customers and for 5 years we have been using professional equipment to sanitize and sanitize our vehicles.

For this reason we are not unprepared to provide our customers with sanitized vehicles every day from the beginning.

According to the new regulations introduced for the safety of the travellers and their distancing, however, it was necessary to do something more. That’s why we designed and built a partition panel between the passengers and our driver on board the Luxury van Mercedes V Class. Another important goal achieved in order to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Extremely resistant and safe, it has been completely made of Carbon Fiber and covered in leather and fabric like the vehicle interior. This gives it extreme elegance, lightness and adaptability to the interior of the vehicle.
We guarantee total travel safety for the customer and complete insulation thanks to a hermetic and total closure of the partition; for this reason, passengers can freely choose to travel without a mask (if they belong to the same family).

Safety and Courtesy

Unlike most dividers on the market, ours has also been certified and complies with European regulations on Article 75 of the Highway Code.
We are currently the only car rental to have a device of this level, and we hope to be able to contribute in the future to provide this partition to others.
In addition, for all our customers, we provide a courtesy kit consisting of Disposable Face Mask, Battery Pack, Disposable Gloves, Refreshing Water, Sanitizing Gel.